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About Arbutis Grace Studio (AGS)

Arbutis (pronounced "r -  - tis") Grace Studio acknowledges the great Canadian poet, metaphysician, musician and artist, Dr. Kenneth G. Mills.  His creativity, enthusiastic support of the arts, and exemplification of Principle constantly inspire AGS.  There is a link to the Kenneth G. Mills Foundation on the links page.

For several years AGS had a store front in the delightful Credit River town of Inglewood, Ontario.  It was a happening place with classes for children, age 6 – 12, every Saturday morning.  There was even a 4-year old who came with his mum; a special table was set for them where they happily painted together.  Six to twelve is quite an age range, "May I have more yellow?"  "May I have a larger brush, please?"  "May I have a smaller brush?"  "May I have more yellow?"  There is nothing quite like the intensity and urgency of a child doing an art project!  One of AGS’s students presented her portfolio to Mayfield Secondary School and was accepted into the fine arts program.  Another went on to study privately with Greg Hindle and then on to study architecture.

In addition to teaching children, there was open studio life drawing, workshops, and private lessons.  Here is a photo from a workshop given by Hugh McKenzie, Canadian Ojibwa Artist.  A link to Mr. McKenzie’s site is on the links page.

A workshop with Hugh McKenzie

The photo below is from a plein air workshop taught by the Canadian landscape, portrait, and allegorical painter, Greg Hindle.  A link to his site is also on the links page.

One last thing – there is a story about the name.  According to at least one source, there is a white flower called arbutis, which in ancient Persia meant "Only Love" when included in a bouquet.  The more commonly spelled, Arbutus, is also a white flower that grows in the Pacific Northwest.  I stay with “only love.”  “Only love Grace.”

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